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  • Tech Tips: Evaluating Speaker Specifications

    Your ears are more important than the numbers.

    Canton CD220

    A reader wrote in to our Ask-a-Pro forum for help with understanding speaker specifications. The reader asked: “What are the best spec’s to look at when buying surround sound speakers. If a speaker’s frequency response is 47hz – 30khz and another is 58hz – 30khz which is better and why?”

    Our resident audio authority Bob Archer, from CE Pro Magazine, offered this advice:

    Unfortunately, determining a speaker’s applicability to a given installation is not as easy as looking at the specifications.

    Frequency response can be a useful number in giving you a guideline in how dynamically the speaker will perform (it’s ability to create low frequency, midrange and high frequency content) , but there are other specs such as efficiency and impedance that are important too.

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