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  • Inside Entourage Star Kevin Connolly’s Home Theater Transformation

    DIY Network helps actor turn drab bar area into an eye-popping screening room.

    Kevin Connolly's home theater

    Oh, to be rich and famous enough that TV networks make shows about fixing up my home. Entourage may be winding down as the hit HBO series recently kicked off its final season, but things are just starting to heat up, technology-wise, at the home of star Kevin Connolly.

    Hollywood Hi-Tech, a new program on the DIY Network, recently helped Connolly, better known as “E” to Entourage fans, transform his bachelor pad-style bar area into a home theater.

    Ari Gold, Drama, Turtle and Vinny Chase won’t have a problem screening a movie or two on Connolly’s 110-inch Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek Screen.

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  • Panasonic PT-AE7000U 3D Projector Gets Closer

    The upcoming unit includes 3Di video reproduction, a 1080p LCD chipset, and more.

    Panasonic Projector

    When the PT-AE7000U home theater projector starts selling next month, it will have an MSRP of $3,499. Part of that price tag will include new image processing technology that’s designed to boost the projector’s LCD chipset and result in a better image.

    With the introduction the PT-AE7000U 3D projector, Panasonic is breaking new ground. Not only is the company one of the few manufacturers to be offering an LCD-based 3D projector product, but the PT-AE7000U is actually at a price point that’s approachable to consumers.

    According to Panasonic, the PT-AE7000U is the only 3D projector to use a 480Hz refresh rate to drive its LCD panels. As a result, it can produce “stunning large screen 2D images, as well as an immersive 3D viewing experience for home theater viewers.”

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  • Hands On: Kaleidescape Music Server and Disc Vault

    The king of media servers continues to evolve.

    Kaleidescape media server

    Since the company’s introduction, the Kaleidescape line of hard-drive-bases media servers have taken the throne as the king of all movie devices. That kind of accolade , from both Kaleidescape owners and professional installers, is due to the system’s ease of use and performance, and also to the fact that the company has consistently stood nose-to-nose with the movie industry (which doesn’t particularly like what this device does) and not flinched.

    Despite ongoing legal battles with Hollywood, the company continues to innovate new products. Wanting to demonstrate how easy its products are to set up and operate, Kaleidescape sent me its KSERVER-1500 1U rack server with 6TBs of storage, as well as its M500 player, modular Disc Vault, some support accessories, and pre-loaded Essential DVD and Best of Blu-ray collections.


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