Home Entertainment August 3, 2011

  • DIY Home Theater Includes 176-inch Seymour Screen

    Some extra space affords this theater more room to entertain.

    Home theater with space

    When it comes to home theater, size matters—at least to Warren English. When this do-it-yourselfer decided to build his own theater room, he wanted to go big, so he chose the basement spot under his garage.

    “I had always wanted a large theater,” he says. “This ended up being a little larger than I had originally planned. However, the extra size afforded another row of seats.”

    Having the additional row of seating certainly isn’t a problem, especially for friends of the English family. Warren and his wife Cydney entertain several times a year, so that row doesn’t go to waste.

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  • Clare Controls Conjures Up Cloud-Based Home Automation

    The company’s ClareHome is said to be the first home system to be managed from the cloud and run on a Mac.

    Clare Controls' ClareHome home automation

    We’ve seen Mac-based home control before (hello Savant!). However, Clare Controls is adding a slight twist to claim a different first in the world of home automation.

    The company just launched ClareHome, which is said to be the first home control system that is both managed from the cloud and runs on a Mac. Managed is the key word here, rather than hosted. That means if the web goes down, the system still works.

    Also, because it uses a cloud-based portal, your dealer/installer can easily configure, fix and monitor your home system, cutting out the need for pricey service calls. It also means that, yes, even you can tweak that system, to create and customize interfaces.

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