Home Entertainment August 6, 2011

  • Rocket Server Adds Movies to RVs

    Designed for RVs, long haul truckers and marine installations, the server can hold about 100 titles.

    The Fusion Rocket

    A long trip requires a ton of entertainment. Unfortunately, it’s hard to pack up everything in and around your home theater. The Rocket Movie Server, however, allows you to take a little piece of AV anywhere you go.

    The Rocket can hold over 100 movies, but doesn’t require any type of network connection. Designed to withstand and operate in a harsher environment, Fusion Research says that the box is the perfect passenger for an RV, as well as in the trucking and the small marine industries. Also, at just 6-by-7-by-2 inches, the Rocket can operate on a mere 18 watts of power.

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