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  • IOGEAR’s USB Sharing Station Connects 4 Devices Without Wires

    The new Wireless 4-Port USB Sharing Station delivers connected USB devices to anyone on your home’s wireless network.

    IOGear's 4-Port USB station

    It may look like another black box, but IOGEAR is promising some magic from its new 4-Port USB Sharing Station.

    The product, which also goes by the less catchy model number GUWIP204, can make up to four devices completely wireless and accessible to anyone on your home network. In other words, multiple users will be able to access that printer, webcam, card reader, or anything else with a USB connection, from anywhere within your home’s Wi-Fi network.

    Now you really have no reason not to back up to that external hard drive. Besides being able to share the wealth of computer accessories with everyone around the house, the GUWIP204 also makes it pretty easy to place a webcam in an area that’s difficult to install—but also desperately in need of monitoring.

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