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  • Not All HDMI Cables Are Created Equal

    Two moderately-priced 1-meter cables tested by DPL Labs had different test results.

    An illustrated HDMI cable

    When it comes to HDMI performance, let me restate that reliability has been the major issue, and it usually surfaces with people breaking the rules.

    This is not new, we’ve been following specification rules since the invention of the wheel, so why has it now taken such a toll?

    In our experience, some manufacturers have shown a lack of competency in making HDMI products right the first time and continuing that over the products’ life span. It is absolutely false that all cables are the same, even at short lengths.

    DPL Labs is more than just a certification company. It offers additional services that manufacturers, vendors, retail operations and even distribution firms look deep into when they are either buying or building products to verify that the integrity is what they were promised.

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