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  • Paradigm’s Reference Millenia LP Speaker is Ultra Lean

    The low-profile, on-wall speaker boasts a light construction and ease of installation.

    The Millenia LP speaker

    Paradigm has put some of its speakers on a diet. Despite the ultra-thin appearance of the new Reference Millenia LP, this on-wall speaker can certainly rock the room, the house, and possibly even the neighborhood.

    As part of the Paradigm Reference Series, the Millenia LP features a 1.5-inch profile, which makes it thin enough to hang with your plasma, LED or other flat-panel, as well as projector screens.

    Paradigm says that each speaker can be used for left/right or center-channel sound, meaning it can also be installed vertically or horizontally. Besides being able to flip the speakers to your liking, the Millenia LP boasts an installation that doesn’t require removing portions of the walls. Instead, only small speaker wire holes are needed to mount these units.

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