Home Entertainment June 9, 2013

  • The Videophile System Builder: HDTVs and soundbars for apartment dwellers

    The prospect of building a home theater excites consumers like few other home improvement projects, but once the calculator comes out and everything is figured into the final cost, the excitement level drops a few pegs.

  • I Want More of Perfect8 and BAlabo

    Damn. In the midst of my power coverage, my brief listen in the Perfect8/BAlabo room was so enjoyable that I resolved to return.

  • Playback Designs' "World Premiere" with Evolution Acoustics

    Using a similar line-up as at CES 2013 , the public show premiere of the Playback Designs’ IPS-3 , which contains a remote controlled amplifier/preamplifier/DAC with USB input that can handle up to 384kHz PCM and 6.1MHz DSD, paired with Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne loudspeakers with integrated stands , sounded very solid and musical on a big band … (more)

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