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  • Denon Ceol RCD-N8 Review

    Key Features : Built-in Wi-Fi ; Built-in iPod dock and CD player; AirPlay support; Last.fm and Spotify; DLNA music streaming It’s a network-enabled CD receiver that allows you to play discs, listen to music from external sources and stream tunes from servers on your home network via the built-in Wi-Fi antenna.

  • Audio Essentials 3.5mm Connectivity Kit

    You can tell us a bit more about this wish list if you want below. If not, we’ll fill in some details for you until you’re ready .

  • BMC/Aaudio Imports

    The second Aaudio Imports room I visited featured the German-designed but China-manufactured components from BMC.

  • Kharma Crusaders

    “That sounds like the Crusaders,” I said as I sat down to listen to the Kharma DB9 Signature speakers driven by Exquisite Signature monoblocks and an Exquisite preamplifier , hooked up with Transparent cables.

  • Magnepan: "Made in America, Sold in China"

    That was the message on the poster in Magnepan’s room. Wendell Diller, celebrating his 40th anniversary with the Minnesota company, explained that Magneplanar speakers use 90% US-sourced parts and demmed the new, 48″-tall, two-way-plus-woofer Super MMG with an Ati amplifier and a Theta Casablanca preamplifier.

  • The Tweak Studio Presents Elac

    Chicago retailer Tweak Studio has been a fixture at the 2013 shows, and proprietor Arnold Martinez was demming a system featuring Elac 249 Black Edition speakers driven by a Burmester 911 amplifier , Esoteric C-03X preamplifier, Burmester A/D phono preamplifier , and Music Hall MMF-11 turntable fitted with a Goldring Legacy cartridge .

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