B&W 800 D3 named “Floorstanding Loudspeaker of the Year” by The Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sound just named the B&W 800 D3 a winner of their “Floorstanding Loudspeaker of the Year Award.” Here’s their glowing assessment:

B&W 800 D3
Bowers & Wilkins spent the last three years in an intensive R&D effort to push the envelope in driver design, cabinet construction, and crossover circuitry to upgrade its flagship 800 series. In the top-of-the-line 800 D3, the results are most impressive. The 800 D3 has vastly lower distortion than its predecessors thanks to the sophisticated new technology. Each driver is in its own low-diffraction, time-aligned enclosure. The result is a transparency to sources and lack of typical speaker colorations that allow the 800 D3s to disappear. The new woofers, along with the inert enclosure, produced the deepest, meatiest bass reviewer Alan Taffel has heard in his listening room. The diamond-coated tweeter is extended and airy, contributing to the precise soundstaging. A picture of neutrality, the B&W 800 D3 is sonically competitive with much more expensive speakers thanks to the company’s advanced R&D and economy-of-scale manufacturing. Alan Taffel called the 800 D3 a “picture of neutrality.” We

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