Get ready for the big games with a new TV!

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For NFL fans, the best days of the year are approaching. This weekend offers four great games, next weekend the two conference championships, and two weeks after that, the Super Bowl! So it’s time to get ready for the big games with a new TV! Here are a few tips on how to get the set that’s right for you…
How big?
In 1983 the standard size of the typical television was 25 inches. Today that number is in the 55- to 65-inch range. People never come back to us and say they wish they’d gotten a smaller set, so we advise going with as large a screen size as your budget will allow.
HD or 4K?
The prices of 4K Ultra HD TVs have fallen dramatically in the past few years, and given the advantages of 4K over HDTV, we clearly recommended 4K. HDTVs have about two million pixels displayed on their screens, which provides an amazing amount of detail. But with 4K, the number of pixels being displayed is 8 million, four times the amount of

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