Every device that connects to the Amazon Echo

In 2015, Amazon released the Echo, a hands-free speaker system built to interface with all your smart home devices. We’ve brought together a comprehensive list of gadgets that work with the Echo. The post Every device that connects to the

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Electronic "tattoo" muscles in on emotion mapping

Electromyography procedures, which record the electrical signals of muscles to diagnose neuromuscular disorders, usually require the insertion of a needle electrode into the muscle itself. Obviously, that isn’t exactly a pleasant experience, so a team at Tel Aviv University’s (TAU’s)

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Pro tennis balls repurposed as wireless speakers

It’s estimated that some 230,000 tennis balls get tossed each year after the four Grand Slam tournaments. Now London-based design company Rogue Projects hopes to turn those used balls into functioning and highly portable wireless speakers, with a Kickstarter campaign

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