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Shopping for an HDTV? Learn the difference between projection and flat-panel TVs, and the pros and cons of technologies like plasma and LCD. Find out how to get an HD signal in your home, and get the latest info on the Feb. 2009 digital TV transition.

Blu-Ray Players

Looking for a Blu-ray player? You’ll find a wealth of information to help you find the best player for your needs, answers to frequently asked questions, tips on setting up your player for the best performance, and more.

TV Wall Mounts

Find out what’s involved in wall mounting your flat-panel TV, including key safety considerations. Watch our video for a look at the basics, or explore our step-by-step guide for more details.

Receivers & Amplifiers

Get the scoop on today’s home receivers – from choosing a model that meets your needs, to making the right connections when you get it home. Plus, learn how you can power a whole-house music system with a multi-room amplifier.

Home Speakers

The right speakers bring your music and movies to life, and there are plenty of ways to achieve great sound throughout your home. Find out how to choose and install speakers to suit your space, your other gear, and your listening preferences.

Home Theater & TV Sound

Today’s TVs are designed to deliver a great picture, but tend to fall short when it comes to convincing audio. Find out how you can add engaging sound to movies, music, and TV shows with systems that complement your style and your room.

Cables & Installation

The type of audio/video hook-ups you use can make a big difference in your gear’s performance. Likewise, the way you install your gear can make or break your room’s décor. Learn about cables, connections, and placement options to create an ideal setup.

Power Protection & Conditioning

When you buy top-notch electronics, it’s wise to protect your investment — power line surges or lightning strikes can destroy your gear. Learn about power protection, and how power conditioning and regeneration can improve your gear’s performance.

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