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While music and dining seem ideally matched, many of the audio systems in today’s bars, restaurants, and lounges deliver uneven sound coverage and an overall bad listening experience. The result is music that may be inaudible at one table and uncomfortably loud at another, creating an uneven distribution of sound throughout the entire location.

Because a computer referencing program pinpoints optimum speaker placement and decibel readings for volume control in each sound zone, thus utilizing the maximum capabilities of the amplifiers and speakers, achieving a complete sound system solution for your bar or restaurant is easy. Sound coverage is even and smooth, the control operation is simple, and the system is unobtrusive.

Explore the following success story:

Legends Bar & Grill-Santa Ana, Ca

“Legends has live music, loud music, ambient music, and quieter areas with televisions to broadcast sports,” says Brandon Sattler-Owner, Sattler® Audio/Video-Valencia, CA. “In designing the solution we had to make room for everything they do.” Thanks to a combination of multiple Yamaha® and ATI® a/v multi-channel pure balance receivers, amplifiers, and components, small cubical type speakers strategically placed throughout the restaurant and a sound system computer engineered to optimize proper ambiance noise levels and overall sound quality, Legends delivers appropriate sound to designated areas with unobtrusive equipment and easy-to-use controls.

The Venue:

Legends, a multi-level, 8,000-square-foot, bar, restaurant, and sports lounge located just blocks away from Disneyland.

The Challenge:

Deliver foreground music in the main bar area as well as in the public and private dining areas to create a balance between background music and audio from multiple flat-screen televisions, and provide patrons the ability to comfortably converse, also providing the owner with a cost-effective video surveillance system that successfully tackles both safety and security issues inside the building, as well as outside, too.

The Solution:

A combination of Yamaha® and ATI® a/v receivers, amplifiers and components, along with Yamaha® DVD/CD players, and strategically placed small cubical-type loudspeakers that deliver a clean, crisp, clear sound. And a Speco Technologies® 16-camera surveillance system accompanied with a 500G.B. hard-drive digital video recorder with internet accessibility and remote operation capabilities.

The Result:

Music with detail and presence, unobtrusive equipment and easy-to-use controls. The versatile system provides high quality background music to quieter areas on the lower level and high-energy sound to patrons in the upstairs bar areas.

And a camera surveillance that the owner can manage and observe from anywhere in the world via the internet to view the cameras remotely, review playback of prior recordings, and by using live remote operation to see exactly what is taking place within his restaurant and that exact time.

With wood floors and stone walls, Legends has successfully recreated the feel of an old town square. Patrons flock to the location to enjoy the upscale cuisine, unrivaled atmosphere and, of course, the wide offering of beers—with 30 on tap and more than 50 bottled selections.

The building is enormous—8,000 square feet spread over two levels, a 45-sq. foot main bar, numerous function rooms, dining banquettes, 20 42”-55” LCD HDTV flat-screen televisions, and a music stage for live music.

Sound plays an important role throughout the facility, so Legends needed an audio/video solution that would provide an atmosphere conducive to enjoyment while blending seamlessly into the environment.

No detail overlooked

An Authorized Yamaha® and ATI® sales/installation team from SATTLER® Audio/Video in Valencia, CA worked closely with Legends owner Mike Weiss, and his architect, in designing the 20-LCD HDTV video system, 16-camera surveillance system, and audio sound system to all work and integrate seamlessly together.

“The owner and architect demanded a certain look,” Sattler says. “They were very particular about having the TVs, cameras, and speakers perfectly match the décor, blending into the surroundings in an unobtrusive way. The goal was for patrons to view the high-definition LCDs while listening to quality music without seeing big speakers surrounding the interior walls and ceilings of the restaurant .”

The team designed a solution that Sattler says, “is the equivalent of a very serious audio/video nightclub system with a much larger footprint.”

“It was critical to have a system installed downstairs to accommodate high quality background music, yet still have the capacity to meet the entertainment demands of a 12 a.m. crowd on a Saturday night,” Sattler says.

A complete audio solution that’s easy to use

Small cubical loudspeakers were used to provide superior performance without the bulk of conventional professional speakers.

The loudspeakers contain 4.5-inch full-range drivers and active EQ to reproduce vocals and acoustic instruments with clarity and detail. The combination of the Yamaha® and ATI® a/v receivers and component sound processors, deliver powerful, flexible and sophisticated signal processing that non-professionals can easily use—a key factor for Legends management.

“While the system was being installed I thought ‘what are we doing?’ and ‘what have we done?’” says Mike Weiss, Legends owner. “But they know the bar and restaurant business, they understand how we work and what it is that we would like to achieve, and they spent a lot of time with us making sure the system worked exactly as it should.”

Results exceed expectations

With the Yamaha® / ATI® sound system, Legends gets the ideal sound they want to enhance the customer experience in each area of the facility and the LCD HDTV’s located throughout the establishment provide for excellent viewing experiences. And the cameras are small and discreet and virtually hidden out-of-view from the customers so that you don’t get that feeling of being watched by big brother as you do at a lot of other establishments.

“Video, music and sound can absolutely drive the atmosphere here,” Sattler says. “You always have to be aware of multiple sound levels, making sure people can talk to each other, but also making sure that when the music is pumping people are feeling it, moving to it.”

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